Find the perfect toy.
Find the perfect toy.

Our Christmas Wish List

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So, you’re making that list, checking it twice. Revising the list. Adding to the list. What list are we talking about? THE LIST, of course: The Christmas wish list!

There are so many toys to choose from, and we, at Toy Buyer’s Guide, have assembled some of the best. That said, we still get asked, what toys do we LOVE? What’s on our list this year?

As always, our Top 20 Toys collection is a great place to start, but If you want an inside peek at our Christmas wish list, here ya go:

Something Fantastical

Who knew a play tent could be such a rich wonderland of sea creatures, treasures and vibrant colors? We love this pop up play tent for boys and girls this holiday season. It’s not only fantastical – it’s fantastic. We’re big fans!

Mermaid tent for toddlers to play with indoor outdoor playhouse for boys and girls

Something Adventurous

Walkie talkies are classic toys for kids and this Explorer Kit doesn’t disappoint. With two voice-activated walkie talkies and a pair of binoculars, we predict grand adventures for little explorers across the land!

Explorer set for kids with 2 walkie talkies and binoculars

Something High-Tech

There are multiple drones in our guide this year, but the F200SE HEX Drone takes the cake. We’re blown away by the GPS controls and powerful brushless motors included. Here’s one of our favorite modes: Sentry Mode sets the drone hovering (and streaming footage) around a set GPS location. The HEX is sure to deliver big-time glee to the dads and teens on your list.

Camera Drone with GPS

Something Funny

There should always be at least one gift that’s just fun. The Arggh! Ball is that gift. It’s squishy, it changes colors, and it’s called The Arggh! Ball. It works as a toy for kids, a secret Santa gift, a novelty stress reliever – we think you should grab one for everyone this season.

Extra large stress ball color-changing jumbo sensory toy

Something for Everyone

Off Topic is the perfect game to crack into after all the holiday feasts this year. It’s a great family multiplayer game to get everyone talking (and giggling) at the outrageous answers flying back and forth. The key: don’t take the game TOO seriously – let loose, get creative, enjoy!

Off Topic board game

Something for the Stocking

Christmas stockings should be teeming with fun surprises and Turbo Tops are packed with just that. These mini spinning tops can be stacked, balanced, or battle each other. Not only that, they come with cones and rings to get these mini toys spinning in countless ways – even when wearing them. They’re the perfect stocking stuffers for any age.

Turbo tops fidget toys spinning tops battle tops

There you have it, the inside glimpse at some of the items on our Christmas shopping lists this season. As always, we hope you find just the right fun for your friends and family.

Happy Holidays, from the Toy Buyer’s Guide Team!